History Of Living Waters

Living Waters was founded on April 6, 2007 by Ann and Keith Johnson. The business was founded in the response to the declining nutritional health of our community, friends, and family. The decline in health and wellness was directly related to our busy and demanding lives and uncompromising schedules. We believe at Living Waters that colon hydrotherapy is just one of the many ways of detoxifying and cleansing our body systems. Our goal is to impart information into the community that health is wealth and that we should prosper in spiritual awareness and nutritional soundness. Advantages of hydrotherapy are that no drugs or medications are being used. We only use warm purified water to cleanse and detoxify. We offer many other services so come in for a visit and or a tour. There are many colon hydrotherapy facilities in your area. Please visit one, but always remember that Living Waters is the best for less!