Iconic Foot Spa

The Ionic Foot Bath is said to draw toxins from your body through the pores of your feet by using water ions and a metal array causing electrolysis, to create an electromagnetic field in the water. This causes a drawing effect which pulls out toxins and bacteria through the pores of the feet .Ionic hydrotherapy is believed to help your body to cleanse, balance and enhance bio-energy (electro-magnetic force stored in your body)

Suggested Diet

Before Colonic

• No Foods 2 Hours Prior to receiving colon hydrotherapy

• Drink plenty of purified water

After Colonic

• After receiving colonics and you are not getting a colonoscopy we have experienced that these suggestions may help

1. Drink plenty of liquids

A. Pure Water

B. Juices

C. Herbal Teas

D. Electrolyte Liquids

2. Replace intestinal flora -Acidophilus

3. Eat Soups (Vegetable) for 24 hours after the procedure. Pureed (Blended) soups are also recommended.

4. Avoid eating raw vegetables for 3 days. Cooked veggies and raw fruit are sufficient; chew well

5. Reduce heavy meat consumption for 3 days.

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  • “King James” NU-GURL Specials (Members Only) Single Session -----------$30 King James Combo -----$50 (Includes 1 colonic and 1 foot spa)

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Iconic Foot Spa, Suggested Diet, & Members Only